Group lessons (General):

The most popular among those wishing to study

  • Azerbaijan
  • English
  • Russian Language
  • German
  • French
  • Italian
  • Spanish

are usually courses of General English, General Azerbaijani, General Russian, General Deutsch, General French, General Italiano, General Spanish (common foreign language courses) considered for 3-6-12 months, which are the most effective way of learning foreign languages.

General course of foreign languages at the school of “The Language House” consists of several stages of learning, designed for students with different levels of proficiency.

The process of learning in the classroom on “the Common Foreign language courses” aimed at the same linguistic development of students: speaking, reading, writing and listening. It should be noted that the basis for teaching is the communicative teaching method, that is, when the lessons are conducted in a foreign language. However, a significant place is given also to the study of grammar and vocabulary of English.

In the classroom is conducted oral collective and individual and written inquiry of students: writing summaries, essays, tests and testing. Learning a foreign language is also carried out using video and audio materials, teaching aids of popular foreign publishers and personal method of Kifayat Ahmed gizi.

Individual classes:

Foreign language teaching is conducted both in group and in individual form. Private lessons with a qualified teacher are more convenient for students and meet all their requirements in all respects.

Individual lessons in foreign languages are more demanded due to the following benefits:

  • Teacher issues the curriculum in accordance with the personal wishes of the student and taking into account its individual characteristics. In this form of training a teacher can devote more time to any particular grammar or vocabulary questions, as well as to change the subject of the lesson.
  • The student has the right to determine the required number of lessons for him and to influence the exercise intensity.
  • During an individual form of training in order to achieve the required learning outcomes it is required fewer academic hours than in group form. This demonstrates the increased efficiency of the so-called one-to-one lessons.

English language courses in school of “The Language House” take place without the home exercise on the method of Kifayat Ahmed gizi.

Corporate Training:

English language courses for corporate clients (in company offices).

“The Language House” is engaged in corporate learning of foreign languages. We specialize in teaching by visit to the office, terminals to the employees of oil and gas companies. We have extensive experience (program of “English for Seamen”).

Our advantages:

  •  Prestigious clients.
  •  Consideration of the features of business firms and adapting programs to the learning objectives.
  •  Our instructors are internationally recognized certificates.
  •  The work of teachers is controlled by the Director of courses that ensures the quality of teaching.
  •  Convenient terms of training. Students can choose courses of varying duration and intensity.
  •  Provide an individual approach, that is, for each company secured a manager, who coordinates all the work.
  •  Method of learning of a foreign language by the method of Kifayat Ahmed gizi without home exercise is very beneficial for companies.

Types of programs:

General course of foreign languages:

  • English
  • German
  • French
  • Italian
  • Spanish, etc.
  • Russian and Azeri as a Foreign Language
  • General Business English Course
  • speaking course
  • courses that are created by the order (legal English, correspondence, presentations, negotiations and etc.)
  • exam classes.
  • visiting programs on request.

Conversation Club:

Conversational English

For those who own grammar, but has difficulty in communicating, suitable conversational English courses. This English course is designed to overcome the language barrier and vocabulary, the practical application of existing knowledge of grammar.

General English

This English course is designed to overcome the language barrier, increase vocabulary, and enhance existing knowledge of grammar. The course is designed for groups with a level from Pre-Intermediate to Advanced.

After learning of spoken English language course you will freely and intelligently express your thoughts. For each group are selected individual tutorials. Teachers also use the artistic and journalistic literature, audio and video materials, multimedia resources and the Internet.

Test in foreign languages:

Before you start improving you knowledge of foreign language you need to determine at what level you know the language. In order to verify your language level, you should pass a written and oral test in the chosen foreign language. Our school offers you to take a free test.

By oral and written tests on the computer, which will is conducted by a teacher in our school you must register in advance. After passing the written and oral interview your level of proficiency will be determined that allows you to select a suitable group and begin to improve the language.

You will be offered tests consisting of 50 questions. From four options of answers you should select the one which you think is correct. Time testing is designed for 60 minutes.

The result of your test and the corresponding level of proficiency will be known after the oral and written test.

Try to reasonably distribute the time available to perform tests and be careful when choosing the right answer!