Our Methodology:

Intensive method of Kifayat Ahmed gizi.

At first, learn to speak, understand and then write.

Anyone wishing to learn a foreign language set for themselves a goal. Someone seeking to obtain the fundamental knowledge to read and translate with the help of dictionary the business correspondence at work and someone wants to give a lecture at a prestigious foreign university, to leave for permanent residence abroad, get a job in a foreign company, to correspond with friends and etc.

Different objectives are achieved by different means. Continuous training is considered as a rule for those who really want to master a foreign language and knows that good results can be achieved only with hard works. Only such purposeful persons and those, who seek perfection in all come to the course “The Language House”, wishing to communicate in a foreign language.

In accordance with the methods of teaching English language classes are taught in groups of 8 persons. Maximum number of students in our group is 6 people. Since the main purpose of education is the ability to freely express their thoughts in a foreign language, then this number of students considered to be the best. In this case, the teacher can divide students into sub-groups or pairs, giving them a collective task. Joint training of students adds to their vocabulary through constant perception of vocabulary and expressions in communicating as a teacher and with fellow students.

Teacher also organizes collective debate, conducts role-playing games. In doing so he/she chooses topic of conversation, asks leading questions, controls to ensure that every student can express their opinions.

To enhance the learning experience and make more effective consolidation of memory in new verbal forms, teacher supplements the oral and written exercises with video and audio materials on computers. Students watching the modern movies, read newspapers and magazines, listen to news and songs on the radio, which greatly accelerates the process of overcoming the language barrier. Students also have the opportunity to use other sources, including diverse literature in the target language and self-study at home.

The versatility of methods of teaching English and other foreign languages used by the teachers of “The Language House” combines all links necessary for a successful education: the development of speaking, the study of theory and writing practice, familiarity with modern linguistic and cultural foundations of geography, use of the obtained knowledge in real life. Because of this, the effect of training of foreign language courses in “The Language House” is visible already after the first class.