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English Courses:

English language courses are attended by a variety of populations: preschool children, schoolchildren, students, youth, businessmen, housewives.
Combination of English language courses with work and education is real, because we offer a wide range of programs of teaching English to help resolve any language problems of our students and meet the highest standards. That is, each person chooses the place for a course in English.

We offer to Your attention the following courses in English:

General English for adults (6 levels)

General English Course consists of six main stages of learning – Beginner, Elementary, Pre-Intermediate, Intermediate, Upper-Intermediate, Advanced, which correspond to different levels of proficiency in English.

English language courses for children

English language courses for children aged 5 to 14 years. Taking into account the age peculiarities of the perception of educational material for children, we subdivided these courses into 2 groups: for children between 5-7 years and for children between 8-14 years old.

Business English courses

For people who have regular contact with foreign partners, functions Business English courses to help businesses negotiate with foreign partners and correspond with them. In our school there are different courses are business English.

Conversational English

For those who know the grammar, but can not speak in English, we offer conversational English courses. After passing this course, you can overcome the language barrier, to fill vocabulary and to practice your knowledge of grammar.

Training courses for international exams in English TOEFL, IELTS

In our courses you can individually or in groups prepare for exams of TOEFL and IELTS. Those, who enrolled in training courses can gain experience of the exams, according to their needs, level and ability to believe in your success and achieve the desired exams.

English language courses for corporate clients

English language courses may come directly to your office. “The Language House” engaged in corporate teaching of foreign languages. We organize visits to the office for training.

Individual lessons in English

Individual English lessons taught by qualified teachers are the most comfortable way for the student. Individual classes due to its effectiveness reduce the number of hours of learning of the English language, which is impossible in group training.

System of levels :

English: system of levels:

Based on international standards in the field of teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL – Teaching English as a Foreign Language), we divided the learning process in our school on several levels, which correspond to a single standard levels in all language schools around the world. For example, in the group of one of the levels are educated only the students in the same degree of English language proficiency. English language teaching in our school is conducted in stages in accordance with the levels of language skills. These are the following six steps:


General Course:

Business English courses

For people who often need to liaise with foreign partners, to negotiate with them and to do correspondence, we propose to pass courses of Business English. We have different programs of courses in Business English.

General Business Course

General Business English Course includes part of the overall course of the English language. However, the vocabulary can be supplemented by playing real-life situations, role-playing games related to business topics. Greater attention is paid to speaking skills and comprehension of foreign languages at the hearing. Following the method of Kifayat Ahmed gizi short period of time can increase your vocabulary.

Interviews are conducted on daily working themes: talking on the phone, e-mail, negotiations, management, meetings and presentations and etc.

The course is designed for students of Elementary level and high. Average duration is 6 months. Time can be shortened.

Business English Speaking and Writing Course
Short-term Business English

Business English Speaking and Writing Course conducted by the method of Kifayat Ahmed gizi. You will learn to issue faxes, requests and conduct business correspondence in English. You will be taught to use the vocabulary of business meetings, to hold talks on the phone with foreign partners, the basics of business etiquette and etc. Group for this course are organized from Intermediate level. .

“The Language House” provides services for foreign language training in companies. We organize the visit of teachers to the office of company.

Russian language:

Russian as a foreign language in “The Language House”
The program of the full course of Russian language develops in the students the oral and written language, reading and listening comprehension, that is all the basic language skills. Following the method of Kifayat Ahmed gizi, a program of study of the Russian language from zero to the highest level, considered for 3-6-12 months, is made.
At all levels, students are acquainted with the information about the history, geography, culture, economy and political system of Russia.

Level 1 (Russian 1)
Level 2 (Russian 2)
Level 3 (Russian 3)

All levels are ended with exams, after which students receive a certificate of “The Language House” of an appropriate sample, confirming the level of proficiency in Russian.

For Children:

Training Programs
Modern parents want to ensure that their children grow up in a bilingual environment, spoke several languages and further knew a foreign language like a native. The latest instructional techniques and professional talent of teachers “The Language House” can realize the aspirations of parents. Preschool children amazingly easily learn a foreign language, practically as the mother tongue.

In our school we teach children from 5 years. For preschool and school children under the age of 14 years developed a special program of teaching English. We take into account the features and difference of the child’s perception of the adult in learning a foreign language.
Taking into account age differences in perceptions of educational information for children in our school we have developed 2 courses of children’s group learning:

– English for children of 5-7 years old.
– English for children of 8-14 years old.

To make the process of learning of a foreign language to be fun and interesting for the child’s perception we include to the lessons the game elements. The higher the level and age of the students, respectively, the more complicated methods of teaching is applied. Kids get great pleasure from the direct and relaxed atmosphere in the classroom, while at the same time actively associated with the theory and vocabulary of a foreign language and demonstrate positive results from the first class. Children who come to learn foreign courses from 5 to 14 years after can come to drawing, where they will communicate with foreign children, which will develop the language barrier.

For Adults:

We offer English language courses specifically designed for adults over the age of 18 years.

Themes of the lessons and the complexity of the learning material change as increasing students’ English proficiency. During a conversation on current topics we apply learned vocabulary and grammatical constructions.

Multi-level program of general training course for adults:


All levels, i.e. from Starter to Upper-Intermediate divided into 4 sublevels. At the end of each sublevel the students pass the test, the results of which can help them move to the next level/sublevel or repeat the study of already taught material if test results are unsatisfactory.

With successful completion of the final test at the end of each level the student awarded with a certificate.