About Us

The Language House

“Kifayat Ahmedgizi”

The language school “The Language House” is a training center where studies are conducted by professional teachers, a well as native speakers. In our school you can appreciate a variety of services, which include various training programs considered for children and adults, for groups or one person at any level of proficiency – zero and medium.

Students of our school advise their friends and relatives to study foreign languages in our training center. In this case, they refer to the following types of activities of our company:

  • English language courses taught by the best teachers-translators. Teachers of “The Language House” have corresponding international certificates, diplomas certifying their professionalism. We guarantee that our professional and qualified teachers will work selflessly in the name of your getting the required knowledge!
  • In the process of learning a foreign language in schools the greatest difficulty is speaking. Everyone can learn to read and write competently through a textbook on grammar and vocabulary, however, free foreign language without errors and hesitation is impossible without regular use of it in practice.
  • One of the major areas of work of “The Language House” is the training of personnel from various companies. Well-known foreign and national companies have always placed great hopes on “The Language House”. We develop an individual training program for each company.

If you want to be sure of the truth of the above information and verify the success of our educational activities you can visit the school “The Language House”. The staff of our school will provide you with comprehensive information on all your questions and according to your request will select an acceptable variant for you learning.

 Our privileges:

1. We employ only qualified school teachers with diplomas and certificates at international level, such as a Cambridge CELTA (the most widespread international certificate, which allows to teach English as a foreign language in any country in the world).

2. During training Foreign Language School “The Language House” apply the methodology of Kifayat Ahmed gizi. This method develops basic language skills: oral and written language, reading and the ability to perceive foreign speech at the hearing. Parallel studies of grammar are conducted, vocabulary is enriched. The essence of this technique lies in the fact that the classroom teachers do not communicate with students in Russian and Azerbaijani languages and from the very first lessons taught in the learned language. Applying the expressions, vocabulary and grammar examples familiar to the student, the teacher explains the rules and values of new words. During the exercises with the use of communicative methods are actively used role-playing, dialogue with a partner, search for errors, correlation and comparison, developing not only memory but also logical, analytical and creative thinking. All this creates a favorable language environment in which stay students while training, which contributes to the success of overcoming the language barrier.

3. Most of the students get trained in an accelerated procedure of Kifayat Ahmed kizi, without doing home exercises.

We regularly update our training manuals. In our school the students are trained on most modern and popular books. Currently, in our school are used such aids as “Cutting Edge” (Longman), “English File” (Oxford University Press) and others.

In the process of learning in our school we try to use all the exciting new discoveries in methods of teaching foreign languages.

4. In the school “The Language House” is used the international system of levels of learning (from Beginner to Advanced), there are groups for adults, teenagers and children aged from 5 years. The level of knowledge of students is under strict control during the entire course. After graduation the students are tested on the program of each sublevel and level. After successful completion of one level they are awarded with the special certificates.

5. We have a large assortment of tools and materials designed for our students.

  • Regularly updated video library and a library are offered for your use. Presenting books and CDs for home use is over subscription system.

Students with different levels of language will find a lot of interesting:

  • For beginners we offer an adapted literature (the texts are accompanied by audiocassettes), as well as CDs for learning a foreign language by the method of Kifayat Ahmed gizi.
  • In our video library we offer to the attention of students a great selection of movies of different genres in foreign languages that can be shared to watch and discuss. Many films are provided with the original subtitles.


Professionalism is the main factor of teaching, and our teachers and interpreters demonstrate their professionalism in practice.

Professional standards of our teachers and their teaching abilities are confirmed by diplomas and certificates of foreign language teachers at international level, which is the most common evidence confirming the qualifications of teachers of English in “The Language House”.

Control over the activities of teachers is implemented by senior teachers or Director of Studies, who not only possess the necessary educational qualifications, but also a wide experience in this position in foreign countries. Director of studies supervises the quality and professionalism of teachers, arrange trainings and seminars for them on improvement of qualification, participate in the development and improvement of curricula, as well as communicate with students, listening to their opinions about teachers, due to which provide correct guidance to teachers.

In the training:

  • Do not hesitate to ask questions to teachers, if you do not understand something, because you come here for knowledge.
  • You will achieve success if you carefully attend and observe the academic disciplines: don’t be late, to maintain a work environment in the classroom (turn off mobile phones).
  • Parents may attend classes.
  • “Progress report” is issued on a regular basis for parents, which states the achievements of the student. We request you to regularly have access to this report in order to know about the successes and challenges of your child.
  • “Progress report” is issued routinely for companies, which states the performance of employees to know about the successes and challenges of your employees.